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Life insurance can be purchased through an employer group plan or on an individual basis. Some group life insurance can be purchased without any medical underwriting up to a certain amount.  Request Info.

These are the products options available through various insurance companies (refer to Partners for list of insurance companies):

  • Term

While Whole Life Insurance has been the choice of the majority of individuals who purchase life insurance, Term Life insurance is becoming more popular. This rise in popularity could be because many discovering that Term Life insurance is generally less expensive than Whole Life insurance.

The factors that go into determining the premium amounts you will pay for Term Life include age, pre-existing health conditions, family history, health risks, tobacco use and the amount of the policy. A Term Life Insurance policy can be locked in for 10 to 20 years. However, keep in mind that when it comes time to renew your policy, the premium may be increased.

  • Whole life

Whole life will generally cost more. However, you can be assured that the cost of your premiums will not increase. Many individuals like the comfort of knowing that their life insurance premiums will not increase, especially someone who is nearing retirement age.

Whole Life Insurance usually offers an option to borrow money against a Whole Life Insurance policy. This brings comfort to many as they know if an emergency should arise, the funds are there for them.

  • Universal Life

Universal Life Insurance is the best of both Whole Life and Term Life Insurance. Universal Life provides the protection of Term Life and the reassurance of Whole Life.

Universal Life Insurance is a life insurance policy that will accumulate cash value. Many people look at Universal Life Insurance as a savings account. An individual has the option of borrowing money against their policy. You also have the option of surrendering a Universal Life Insurance policy. This means you would be given the cash value of your policy returned to you

  • Group Life
  • Group Supplemental Life


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